Erotic massage in Bucharest

The tender touch of paradise fills the soul with delight.
The ambiance from LuckyLove Massage is a mixture between modern and oriental style. It's ''clean'', refined and meant to induce relaxation, offering you the feeling of an exciting ''journey into magic''.

You will enjoy without rush the tender and delightful caresses of the
erotic body massage all over your nude body.

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Mixture between modern and oriental, soft and slow music
The ambiance from LuckyLove - Erotic Massage in Bucharest is a mixture between modern and oriental style. It's ''clean'', refined and meant to induce relaxation, offering you the feeling of an exciting ''journey into magic''. Lulled by a soft and slow music your soul will reconnect and and "take a leap" into itself.

You will congratulate yourself if you choose a prolonged massage session- several hours- because you will completely cut the daily stress and you will offer yourself the "time" to step "outside of time". So, you will enjoy without rush the tender and delightful caresses of the erotic or body massage all over your nude body.

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well trained in the art of erotic and body massage

Types of massage

Sensual massage - Relaxing massage - Massage for women - Massage for couples
This massage, done with refinement and tenderness, is a prelude to oriental massage. This massage as practiced at Lucky Love, when done with finesse is rightfully the climax of erotic massages.
Sensual massage caresses us, envelops us and exults us, like a foreplay done to our soul, not just our body. During this massage, our heart opens and melts giving way to refined and delicate perceptions coming from our skin turned into a gigantic sensitive organ. We recommend it to all who come to Lucky Love for the first time.

It is generally recommended to all those who have undergone intense effort, or those who have strong muscular stress/fatigue. It is done in a more dynamic manner and involves deeply all the muscles of the body.

With women, especially when they do abandon themselves to the capable hands of the massage artist, the well-being and complete happiness reached through touch is amazing. All fears and worries go away, being replaced by a magical, paradisiacal state of euphoria.
Even more, women will experiment a state of harmony, self-confidence, relaxation and will simply glow.

Yoni massage is a massage done to the sexual area only at request. Its effects are amazing allowing even the experimenting of different nuances of orgasm.

New !!! workshops for women on several subjects. Learn more details using our contact number.

Being in a couple or friendship relationship, you can enjoy together a novel experience that will bring colour to your relationship or even a reawakening of the initial fire in the lovers case. For those couples whose erotic interlude has become monotonous, or ceased completely, this massage offers a new way to explore and regenerate erotic apetite, and return the couple's pleasure and sensitivity.

Massage in this case should be done simulatneously, in different rooms so not to distract attention and to better relax and open to the experience. After several sessions of this kind of massage, it can be received by both lovers in the same room, having this way access to several levels, more and more profound, of pleasure and couple happiness.

NEW !!! We also offer couples counselling.

Night Club

Striptease, Pole dance, Lap dance, Private parties, Intim ladies show, topless show, Private show
Starting from 22:30PM till 04:00AM we open the striptease night club. With its enticing ambience and the most enchanting and provocative girls, Lucky Love Night Club is known in Bucharest for its exquisiteness on all levels..

You can enjoy here your favorite drink, be delighted by our beautifull and refined ladies and add some toppings with striptease, lap dance, intim ladies erotic show and simple or double erotic massage. Is it a mixture of western ''lust for life'' and the oriental art of hospitality. Sounds fun? Yes, it is! We are waiting for you.

NightClub Bucharest - LuckyLove NightClub Bucharest - LuckyLove


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LuckyLove - Bucharest Erotic Massage
OPEN: 11:00AM – 04:00AM

Address: Stirbei Voda Street no.29A
Subways stations : Romana , Universitate

Telephone: (+40) 0722.110.003 / (+40) 754.035.723

For private parties information and renting: (+40)-754.035.735

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